Villains and Vengeance

VILLAINS & VENGEANCE: The stories and poems in this collection speak of villains who seek to control or kill, survivors seeking revenge, and good people making hard decisions. Sometimes uncomfortable, often scary, this anthology has contributions across the spectrum of speculative fiction, including fantasy, science fiction, and horror, from ten talented authors who invite you into the worlds they have created.


Heroes and Hellions

HEROES AND HELLIONS: Defining who is a hero and who is a hellion seems like a matter of perspective. Those who dance to their own drummers and refuse to conform to expectations are often called out as hellions, as those who make trouble for trouble's sake. But is a hero really much different? This collection offers eight stories of strong people making hard choices, doing the best they can in the places they are. You decide: hero or hellion.

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Rebels and Revenants

REBELS AND REVENANTS features the dead and the undead, ghosts both figurative and literal, Elder Gods and Egyptian queens, and, funny enough, more than a little rebellion. Most of all, these eleven stories have heart, with a strong sense of family threading through them, either the one you’re born to or the one you make.


REBELS AND REVENANTS will teach you that when you find your place, you better stake a claim and stand by it.


Witches and Warriors

Witches are often portrayed as old and frail, but they wield tremendous power whether through magic, potions, or poisons. Warriors are fighters: they seem to sacrifice traditional feminine values to protect others. At least, that's what the stereotypes would have us think. Witches and Warriors seem antithetical somehow for their opposing strengths: they represent spirit and body in many ways. This collection shows they are not so different, and that these strengths are far from mutually exclusive.